Hi!  My name is Hannah Sims. I live in Chattanooga, TN. I've always wanted to get more developed with my photography, but I've never had the confidence. Through my amazing husband encouraging me daily, I got the confidence to start my own website! So here we are. I love shooting families, seniors, houses, and I'm a second shooter for weddings. If you're interested, shoot me an email and let's be friends and get coffee!


My Story

I grew up always having a camera in my hands.  Seriously.  I was that annoying girl getting all the "artsy" shots on mission trips and at the beach.  Although I'm very positive those pictures would make me laugh today, it was always a blast.  It's how I remembered trips and people that were important to me.  That passion for capturing memories hasn't stopped, but the pictures have definitely gotten better.  

I’m very passionate about loving and caring for those that the world has deemed “unhelpful.” Many people fall under that umbrella, but my heart is with juvenile delinquents and special needs teens/adults. My long term dream would be to open up a coffee shop for these friends to work at. For teens/adults with record, it’s difficult to find jobs…especially jobs that teach you helpful skills to move up in the world. For special needs friends, not many want to have enough patience to hire and work with someone who needs more help than others. These are my people.

I believe that good photography should be available to ALL, not just the ones who can afford it. My goal is to never have high prices for quality photos. Everyone should be able to have access to memorable moments.

 I'm a big fan of God, my husband Fletcher, almost all food, my golden retriever Willow, coffee/tea, lavender smelling things, YoungLife, and Netflix.  The list could go on FOREVER. But those are the ones that describe me best!